Media Access to Airports

Information for news gathering at the airport.

Media members wishing to film at the airports for news programs should contact the Airports Authority Media Relations Office prior to arriving at the airport.

**Construction Notice - No Curbside Media Parking at Reagan National**

  • A roadway pavement sealing project outside Reagan National's Terminal B/C has made it necessary to temporarily close the spaces where media trucks normally park curbside for liveshots.
  • "No parking" is in effect 24/7 until mid-November 2018.
  • During this time, we cannot accommodate media parking anywhere along the curbside of our terminals at Reagan National. Use public parking garages.
  • The rest of the curb is already fully occupied by public drop-off / pick-up zones and ground transportation services.
  • Alternate option: Consider Dulles International for your liveshot location (scroll down for information).

Work zone next to Terminal C

Guidelines for Media Parking near the Terminal

  • All space is first come-first serve and cannot be reserved in advance.
  • You must notify us before parking any vehicles along the media pad near the terminal. Notification does not guarantee a parking spot.
  • Only live vehicles engaged in live-shot activity may park in this area (Zone "C" parking at Reagan National / Media Pad at Dulles).
  • All crew vehicles, equipment vehicles and personal vehicles must park in the public parking facilities.
  • The airport reserves the right to prioritize these spaces for non-media purposes at any time.
  • Due to the limited curbside, only one vehicle per media organization may park.
  • If all marked spaces are full, double parking is not permitted.
  • The organization's name must be clearly visible either on the vehicle or on a placard in the dashboard. Include the phone number of your onsite contact. 
  • Cabling must not impede pedestrian traffic flow. No cabling is allowed through doorways or across walkways.
  • Please reference the map below for authorized locations.

Other Important Guidelines

  • Filming must not interfere with passenger flow or airport operations - if filming inside the terminal, equipment must be attended at all times and should take up no more than 50 square feet (a smaller footprint is required in confined or busy locations).
  • Do not film in airline facilities, security lines, concessions or other leased space without express permission of the appropriate company or agency.
  • The Airports Authority reserves the right to restrict media activity at any location on airport premises if public security, safety or operational concerns so warrant.
  • Read more details here.

News crews violating these requirements could be ticketed, towed or asked to relocate or leave the airport.

Liveshots at Dulles International Airport

Live vehicles may park on the media pad located at the west end of the Main Terminal upper (ticketing) level. No other crew vehicles allowed.

Aerial View of Dulles International

Additional Live Shot Camera Location at Dulles

News media looking for locations with the runways in the background may film from the top floor of Garage 2 (view IAD Parking Information). The live vehicle can be parked on the media pad or a legal parking space on the top floor of the garage (standard parking rates apply). Cable from the media pad may then be run along the outside of the walkway, up the side of the building to the roof - a 300 ft. throw. Filming from this location must be coordinated in advance with the Media Relations Office.